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Is Diablo 4 in the Making?

by - 7 years ago

Thanks to the tip from BlizzPro reader gonzodagreat2127 it was brought to our attention that Blizzard has been urgently trying to hire for an Art Director on the Diablo team for an Unannounced Project. You can check out the full job description here.

The wording is rather curious that instead of just an Art Director for Diablo 3, that it’s an Art Director for an unannounced project.

First thought is normally “well, they certainly have a new expansion coming out”. Sure, and I expect the next D3 expansion to be announced at BlizzCon and released sometime next year. However, the art for that will already be done – so why so urgently do you need an art director?

The only thing that comes to mind is another Diablo game. Could Diablo 4 now be in development? One of the first things you need is art direction – with Chris Lichtner leaving Blizzard in 2014 (the previous Diablo Art Director) it would make sense that they wouldn’t have to fill his shoes until it was absolutely needed. The next expansion was probably already done by Lichtner by the time he left – so will this be a 3rd expansion for Diablo 3 or do you think they are starting development on Diablo 4?

Diablo 3 is over 3 years old now. I don’t think you’ll see the same time span that we saw between Diablo 2 and 3. Also keep in mind, that despite a rough release, Diablo 3 has and still is making a LOT of money for Blizzard – even being quoted as one of the money makers in the last Investors call this week.

However, Blizzard has done a lot of tweaking on Diablo 3 and has made it a completely different game today than what it was upon release. Would they go through all of that effort if they were just going to release a Diablo 4 in 2-3 years from now? Hard to say, but the possibility is there. My logical thinking says this will be expansion 3 of Diablo 3 (with expansion 2 getting revealed at BlizzCon) – but it’s entirely likely that if a 3rd expansion is in the works that Diablo 4 could be developed side by side.

Either way, Blizzard is going full steam ahead on the Diablo series. For you Diablo fans sad about no news at GamesCom, don’t worry – BlizzCon will be your event to shine.


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JR Cook

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0 responses to “Is Diablo 4 in the Making?”

  1. Ahmad Sammy Khedr says:

    How exactly is Diablo 3 still making Blizzard a lot of money?!

  2. Serpher says:

    It could be for D3X2 or maybe something for HoTS.

  3. icey says:

    why not warcraft 4? Alot of people have been asking for it, maybe they are gonna finally do it.

  4. Elenora Tazia says:

    D4 already please or reboot! We might hear in Q3 2016.

  5. Omega Red says:

    When they are launching the PC version of Diablo 3 in india…?
    any idea

  6. Kagun Jordan says:

    What most people do not think about is that if this is Diablo 4 they are working on then diablo might actually look cool instead of looking like a girl… XD

  7. xlfoolishlx says:

    I think that a fourth expansion would not be a good idea on Blizzards part. Seeing as a expected 3rd dlc to be released in 2016. With the part of D3 being on ps3 and xbox 360. Do you really think that Bliz would want to keep making content for last gen systems? Since a 4th would be 2017 or later if just hiring a art director.

  8. Vladimir Tess says:

    I think they will made D4 strictly a PC game. They have really top notched it w/ D2 and D1 and they can make it great again. The problem I think w/ D3 is too much diluted focus, they were doing PS3, Xbox, PC. This is too much work and they lost focus. I truly think that they have truly looked back at what made D1/D2 successful and what made D3 terrible and incorporate it into the final product that will dominate well!

  9. Ryumoau says:

    I would love to play a Diablo 4 on ps4. 🙂