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Well Met! Podcast Episode 21: Bowling with THE Tannon Grace

by - 6 years ago

Well Met! John, J. R., and Kevin Tannon each week discuss all things Hearthstone. Listen in as they talk strategies, competitive play, card and deck analysis and more! This podcast is produced in order to help other players up their game in Hearthstone while also having fun discussions about what is happening in the tournament scene and also in the game. Join us each week as we record every Sunday evening and release our audio podcast the following Monday!

Episode 21 has Kevin out for a wedding so we are joined by the Hearthstone Pro League host Tannon Grace – follow him on Twitter @THETannonGrace. J. R. wins his bet against John (seriously though, we saw that coming right?). We discuss the HPL, ChallengeStone #3, ASUS ROG Summer 2015, and NA vs. China tournaments. We also look at what is probably the last time the meta will be stable for a bit as we discuss the meta reports put out by Fade2Karma, TempoStorm, and LiquidHearth.

Finally we jump right into discussing about the new cards revealed this past week for The Grand Tournament and our thoughts on them – check out our spoiler card list for all the cards revealed so far. We also respond to some very good emails and share our advice to listeners on getting help with the ladder and dealing with players who like to BM.

You can join us live every week now over on twitch.tv/blizzpro, which was made possible by the supporters who are so graciously donating to the show via our Patreon at patreon.com/wellmetpodcast. If you donate $5 or more in the month of August you will be put in a drawing to win an hour of free coaching with a Pro Player from Team Fade2Karma – a team that is ranked in the top 10 in the world on GosuGamers. Make sure to check out their website or follow them on Twitter @Fade2Karma.

Also, our intro music is awesome and so is the guy who made it! Check him out at jakebutineau.ca.

Keep in touch! We answer reader emails every week (wellmet@blizzpro.com), stay active on Twitter (@WellMetPodcast, or individually @eldorian, @kickedtripod, and @lackofrealism), and love getting your iTunes reviews.

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JR Cook

JR has been writing for fan sites since 2000 and has been doing Blizzard Exclusive fansites since 2003. He helped co-found BlizzPro in 2013. You can hear JR every week talk about Hearthstone on the Well Met Podcast published on iTunes.

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