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PVPLive’s HPL Week 7 Recap

by - 6 years ago

Week 7 of HPL has just finished, but how much has the landscape of the league changed from week 6? Join me as I recap the best moments of week 7, and we prepare for what’s still to come.

Standing Player Win% Wins Losses GB Streak L5
1  Purple 72.7 8 3   3 4-1
1  SjoW 72.7 8 3     3-2
3  Dog 70.0 7 3 0.5   2-3
3  Zalae 70.0 7 3 0.5 5 5-0
5  JAB 63.6 7 4 1.0   3-2
5  Neirea 63.6 7 4 1.0 2 3-2
7  Muzzy 50.0 6 6 2.5   4-1
8  Superjj 50.0 5 5 2.5   2-3
9  Powder 45.5 5 6 3.0   1-4
9  Kaldi 45.5 5 6 3.0 2 2-3
9  ek0p 45.5 5 6 3.0 3 4-1
12  ErA 41.7 5 7 3.5   2-3
13  Kranich 33.3 3 6 4.0   1-4
13  Rdu 33.3 3 6 4.0   2-3
15  Ostkaka 22.2 2 7 5.0 1 2-3
16  Greensheep 10.0 1 9 6.5   0-5



Better Late Than Never:

After an abysmal 1-5 start, Cloud 9’s Ek0p managed to will himself back into this competition with a 4-1 record on his last five. Ek0p was the star of this week, taking 3 straight victories over Dog, Era, and RDU. This late-season revival has thrust the Cloud 9 Veteran into a three-way tie for 9th place, and his hopes of earning a Playoff spot are brighter than ever. Ek0p is only half a game behind the number 8 ranked player, SuperJJ.

Can Ek0p be this season’s Cinderella story? Tune in next week too see if Ek0p’s streak can be extended to five wins. It will be no easy task though, as Dreamhack Valencia Winner Greensheep, and Team Hearthlytics’ JAB, stand on his way.

Archon on Top:

Both Sjow and Dog took loses this week, which allowed Team Archon to creep up into the top of the HPL Leaderboards. Zalae is a perfect 5-0 on his last five matches, and that has been enough for him to enter a tie with Dog for the 3rd place. Meanwhile his partner Purple is 4-1 on his last five, and he has tied Sjow for first place.

Team Archon has won its last 8 HPL games, and they look poised to put both members into the playoffs. But next week, these friends becomes foes as they go one on one against each other. One of two Archon members will lose their winning streak on Monday as Zalae’s Rubber Ducky collides against Purple’s new purple blue hair dye.

Interestingly enough, the Archon boys used their interview time this week to fire shots at each other, so check that out over at the PVP Live Youtube channel.


 Era’s Ragnari:

Era surprised everyone not only by sweeping HPL’s Leader Sjow in three straight games, but by using Control Mage to win the first two. In game number 1, Era managed to Duplicate Rag and control the game enough for him to get massive value out of not only one Ragnaros, but two Ragnari.

This game is worth watching for the player reactions alone, as ErA’s Hearthstone skill was through the roof hitting all the right targets with the random Ragnaros shots.

Next Week’s Featured Matches

#1 Purple vs #3 Zalae:

We talked about this earlier, but it is worth talking about again. The two Archon standouts collide this Monday, and this promises to bring the Fireworks. Zalae is known for his Grim Patron Warrior play, but Purple has guaranteed a victory in the Patron mirror, should it happen.

Will the Purple Haired Canadian be able to defeat the Best Ladder Player in NA? Or will the Zalae trump his teammate and claim his spot at the top of the HPL Leaderboards? You don’t want to miss this one!

#5 Neirea vs #1 Sjow:

It’s not just team Archon having to face each other next week. Team Liquid teammates also go to battle this Tuesday, in another match between top 8 competitors. With Team Archon right behind him, Sjow needs a victory to keep his status as HPL’s top competitor. But it’s not going to be easy, as Neirea has promised to wreck him.

Check out this Interview with Neirea where he explains how he always wrecks Sjow, and how he will continue to rise through the HPL rankings.

#3 Zalae vs #9 Kaldi:

Zalae is going to have a busy week. Not only does he have his huge clash against Purple on Monday, but he also has to do battle with Kaldi on Wednesday. Kaldi is part of a 3 player tie for the #9 spot, and he desperately needs to put more points in the board if he wants to sneak into the top 8. While Kaldi is fighting hard to contest a Playoff spot, Zalae is in position to clinch one this week.

The stakes are high for both players, this one is a must watch!

#5 Jab vs #9 Ek0p:

Should Ekop beat Greensheep on Wednesday, he would be in a 4 match winning streak and very close to the top 8. But on Thursday, he has to face off against JAB. JAB has been one of the most consistent players on HPL this season, and he’s not an easy task for anyone. The Hearthlytics player is only 1 game behind our leaders, and he still has a big chance to end the regular season as the #1 seed.

Once again we have a match between a player trying to break into the top 8, and a player fighting for that number one seed.

Which one will succeed in their goal? Tune in to HPL on Twitch so you can watch Hearthstone, on PVP Live.


For more information on HPL, head over to PVPLive’s Website, and  check the matches live on their Twitch Channel from Monday through Thursday, starting 6:30pm Eastern.


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