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PVPLive’s HPL Week 2 Recap

by - 6 years ago

This week’s of Hearthstone on the HPL has shaken up the rankings. After a pretty awful first week, Team Hearthlytics shot up the rankings winning all their matches against other teams. Dog also built on his strong 2nd Place Dreamhack Summer performance by remaining undefeated, and at the top of HPL’s rankings.


Rank Name Win% Record
1  Dog 100.0 3-0
2  JAB 60.0 3-2
3  Powder 100.0 2-0
3  Neirea 100.0 2-0
3  Purple 100.0 2-0
3  Superjj 100.0 2-0
7  SjoW 66.7 2-1
8  ErA 33.3 2-3
9  Zalae 50.0 1-1
10  Kaldi 33.3 1-2
10  Greensheep 33.3 1-2
10  Kranich 33.3 1-2
13  Muzzy 25.0 1-3
13  ek0p 25.0 1-3
15  Ostkaka 0.0 0-1
16  TidesofTime 0.0 0-3


Jab goes 3-0:

After a rough 0-2 start last week where he felt he was being targeted, Jab went into full preparation mode and completely revamped his strategy. The results are apparent as this week he went undefeated, notching victories against Muzzy, TidesofTime, and Zalae. The latter is particularly impressive as he overcame both the predictions of both casters and gosugamers 4 to 1 odds, taking down the Archon standout.

A motivated and refocused Jab seems to be a big threat on this tournament, we will have to see whether he continues to dominate or if the field will adapt to his new strategies. Next week won’t be easy for the Hearthlytics player, as he’s set to face the 2-0 Neirea.

Cloud 9 continues to struggle:

Cloud 9 is at the bottom of the rankings with a combined record of 1-6. This week Ek0p fell against both Kaldi, and SuperJJ. Tidesoftime also failed to notch his HPL victory going 1-3 against Jab. Cloud 9 will have to regroup and try again next week as Tides faces off against Greensheep, and Ek0p will have his hands full with Kranich.

Dog remains the Top Dog:

Dog had his week pretty busy with Dreamhack Summer, but he also had time for an HPL Match that saw him walk through Kaldi in a quick 3-0 sweep. Dog remains undefeated in the HPL and he has a lot of momentum rolling as he has won 9 of his last 10 and boasts an impressive 14-4 record in June. For now, Dog is the man to beat in the HPL, and next week it will be up to SuperJJ to knock him down from the top spot.

Next Week’s Featured Matches

Next week will be huge for the HPL rankings as the top 4 players face each other multiple times. Dog has the chance to really separate himself from the pack, while Jab can really put his 0-2 start behind by building on his week 2 momentum. Can Purple or Neirea remain undefeated and become the new leaders?

#3 Purple (2-0) vs #3 Neirea (2-0):

Purple and Neirea both currently boast a 2-0 HPL record, but after next Monday one of them will be 2-1, and the other will rise to 3-0, temporarely tying Dog for the number 1 spot. A lot is on the line for these two as they look to build on their early success. You really want to keep an eye on this match-up.

#1 Dog (3-0) vs #3 SuperJJ(2-0):

It’s a battle of Complexity members, and after its all said and done only one of them will remain undefeated, and likely the top ranked HPL player. Who will triumph? Tune in to HPL next Tuesday and find out!

#2 Jab (3-2) vs #3 Neirea (2-0):

Team Liquid’s Neirea will try to bring Jab’s hot streak to a halt as he looks to climb the ranks of HPL. This match is a can’t miss, so be sure to tune in next Wednesday. If Neirea manages to win both this match, and his match against Archon’s Purple on Monday, he has a great shot at becoming the new HPL leading man.

#3 Powder (2-0) vs #9 Zalae (1-1):

Team Archon’s Zalae is one of the best players in the world, but June hasn’t been kind to him. The Team Archon Powerhouse finds himself in a 4 match losing streak, and he desperately needs to break it next Thursday against Powder. This is easier said than done though, as Fnatic’s Powder remains undefeated in HPL and is sure to put up a good fight. Can Powder put Zalae deeper into his losing streak, or will Zalae return to form and show everyone why he’s considered one of the world’s best players? Thursday June 25th and PVPLive hold the answer to this question.


For more information on HPL, head over to PVPLive’s Website, and  check the matches live on their Twitch Channel from Monday through Thursday, starting at 7pm Eastern.

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