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Identity Enigma #2

by - 6 years ago

While joining your friends at the local tavern might make for an evening of entertainment. Meeting new people can be just as rewarding, although maybe a bit dangerous. New faces pop up in the tavern all the time, countless stories are shared among the patrons, and often enough issues will be resolved right then and there. But have you been paying attention to your surroundings? Lets put your skills of observation and memory to the test and see if you can identify these strangers!

Welcome to Identity Enigma, the new puzzle where it’s your job to identify three Hearthstone Cards based on little clues. The clues can make reference to the card’s ability, its stats, its voice acting, or their flavor text. Maybe I’ll just reference their Warcraft lore, or perhaps just something that has made them notable in Hearthstone. What about having just a silly play on its name? Everything is possible on Identity Enigma!

Last week Diogo Silva absolutely killed it with three very well thought answers. He’s number one on our leaderboards for now, but can you take his place?

Good luck, traveler.

Gotta Wear That Helmet


“Some say this big fella stands between six and eight, but I prefer saying that he stands between N and Q.”

Phoning it in


“The fact that most of his colleagues are mad is probably the reason this little fellow prefers to hide in the shadows”

Not a Care in the World


“He always said he was flying, but exploding might have been a more accurate expression. Anyway, being around him was infinite fun”

Can you identify which 3 Hearthstone Cards are we talking about? Use the comments below to submit your answer and explain why you think your cards fit the bill.


JR Cook

JR has been writing for fan sites since 2000 and has been doing Blizzard Exclusive fansites since 2003. He helped co-found BlizzPro in 2013. You can hear JR every week talk about Hearthstone on the Well Met Podcast published on iTunes.

0 responses to “Identity Enigma #2”

  1. Ervin Vrevic says:

    Gotta Wear That Helmet – Dr. Boom, because he has 7 attack and health which is in between 7 and 8 and the letters in between N and Q are OP which is what Dr.Boom is.
    Phoning it in – Shadow Madness, because the words shadow and madness are in the clue and “this little fellow” refers to shadow madness taking a minion with 3 or less attack
    Not a Care in the World – Reckless Rocketeer, because he says: “I’m flying”, when he enters the battlefield and he dies most of the time

    • Dannie Ray says:

      So Balanced! Second is not quite right though. Shadow Madness doesn’t really have Colleagues

      • Ervin Vrevic says:

        Yeah, just realised that, but could you make identity enigmas for spells too?

  2. Ridanculous says:

    Gotta Wear That Helmet – Dr. Boom! His 7 attack, health and mana cost is between 6 & 8 but many prefer to call him OP which is between N & Q. He also always stands *between* his boom bots.

    Phoning it in : Worgen Infiltrator! He is a 1-cost little fellow with Stealth, hiding in shadows. And the other Worgens are raging/mad.

    Not a Care in the World : Reckless Rocketeer! Not having a care = reckless and rockets are made to explode. His quote is also “I’m flying!” and always laughing = having fun.

  3. Daren says:

    I disagree with Ridanculous on the second one… I believe it is shadow bomber, since the others are mad or madder.

  4. kidology says:

    on what level is this fun? you have a platform here. where are good players talking about decks and cards?

    • Daren says:

      There are many ways to have fun, not only by winning or theroycrafting. The lore, puzzles and such may also be found by a small percentage of people. If the author thinks it’s fun and he has an audience (maybe a small one, though…) let him do it. You don’t like it, ignore it.

      • kidology says:

        but its a waste. all this set up; for this triviality. i have an app for this, why do i not receive more combos and decklists. you see this elsewhere on the internet,, there is a kind of gulf between people who work in media and people who are good at the games. i didnt download the app to give money to middle class americans, especially not the kind of super privileged ones who work in media. i want decklists from the bowls of the south american ghetto; i want people to have died for those lists, i want lists from a homeless Parisian poet, who strangled a cat upon completion.i guess you guys are just abit too lightweight for me, upon reading your words i am instantly transported to the set of one of those dreadful kids soap operas on nikolodian. which is what i imagine your lives are like

        • Daren says:

          Maybe you are in the wrong place, have you tried hearthpwn.com (that’s where all decks are, even the one done by the homeless Parisian poets with smartphones and data-plans). Or Hearthstoneplayers.com for deep strategy guides. This is more a blog with news and stuff about hearthstone. More for the casual guy than for the one who thinks this game is worth dying in south-american ghettos. Most people would say the whole point of hearthstone is a waste… spending time (and money) on a virtual good… well I do it for the enjoyment, and sometimes a puzzle IS fun.

          • Dannie Ray says:

            Oh boy Daren, you just got super trolled 😛

          • Daren says:

            Well, I never understood trolling, they can’t make me angry, and they waste more time than me… I just decide to think the best of all, and make sure they are not taking too much advantage of my good faith. By the way, I only got the last one right… as they say, was just standing on the shoulders of giants.

          • kidology says:

            i havnt got time for this. im a published academic. i play just to win, just like since i was a little boy. this section is school magaziney and i stick with that.

          • Daren says:

            Well, this section IS school magaziney, but hey! playing games is also immature and more apt for students than scholars… Today’s society has allowed us young adults to keep the child inside alive (maybe too alive?) and enjoy games for fun… Some people can only enjoy them as long as they win (usually low frustration tolerance or low self-esteem, but I doubt it is your case)… Others can appreciate the inside jokes the developers and designers place around, and build their own. The true question is: what are you doing here complaining of something so below yourself instead of getting more wins per hour?

          • kidology says:

            i get away with being very provocative in real life and i apologies. this goes too far and is unnecessary. i just find myself so unbelievably amusing,