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The Hidden Laboratory Heroic Deck Lists with Videos

by - 6 years ago

The final wing has been released and the end of Blackrock Mountain is upon us. We have now provided you deck lists and videos of every single encounter in order to help you get that card back for beating all of the heroic encounters. This week the 2nd boss Maloriak gives the most problems and is one of the reasons why this guide got out a little late. I had trouble figuring out a consistent deck to beat him with but I think I finally got it. The rest of the fights you should probably beat in 1 or 2 tries using the deck lists and strategies listed below.

Omnotron Defense System

This is the easiest fight of the wing. He makes dudes and the dudes all have something different and you can use them to your advantage. The 2/2 dude gives each player +2 spell power, The 4/4 dude does 1 damage to all other minions at the beginning of his turn (you can see in the video how I used that to my advantage early game), the 6/6 dude makes all spells cost 3 mana less, and the 8/8 dude does 2 damage to a player each time they cast a spell. Definitely save Big Game Hunter for the 8/8 and fireball down the 6/6.

Once you get some board control going you can abuse Kel’Thuzad with some taunts and easily pull out a victory

Class: Mage

Mage (18)

Neutral (12)


The hardest fight in this wing. His hero ability is a passive that flips the attack and health of your minions. It also gives his minions an extra +2/+2.

If he casts Release the Aberrations on turn 1 with the coin, just concede. You’re not going to win that match and it’s a waste of time to play the game out. It’s probably the most ridiculous thing in this game and it bothers me that the developers left it in that way (the card should be 3 mana to avoid such a mess).

Beyond that, just play your murloc deck and get good board presence. Try to get Murloc Warleader out there as he buffs your murlocs before Maloriak’s ability targets them so they’ll be even bigger this way. Also, the AI on the boss is a bit broken as he’ll target your Murloc Warleader with his Faceless Manipulator making your murlocs even bigger now. This is by far the most consistent deck I could put together for what is probably one of the most difficult fights in Blackrock Mountain.

Maloriak Murloc Victory
Class: Warlock

Warlock (6)

Neutral (24)


Atramedes is kind of a fun fight on heroic. Every card you play his 0/6 weapon gains 1 attack and he has some pretty big minions he plays with. I chose shaman mainly because I can totem out and it doesn’t count as a spell, but also there is a lot of burst damage you can do with shaman to bring him down quickly. So using Unbound Elemental with Feral Spirit is huge to protect your bigger minions and using Flametongue totem with Windfury just maximizes the amount of quick damage you can do. You also need to use your Acidic Swamp Ooze strategically.

Harrison Jones is probably a good fit for this deck, but with him being 5 mana I decided I wanted to try and win faster rather than drawing more cards.

Class: Shaman

Shaman (21)

Neutral (9)


Sadly this fight was probably the 2nd easiest for me in this wing. The deck revolves around sticky minions with deathrattle. The thing about this fight that you have to be prepared for is once you knock off Nafarian’s armor, he summons Onyxia with 15 health. That in itself isn’t a big deal until after you kill Onyxia, then Nefarian kills off all your minons on the board.

The best way to get around this is to have Kel’Thuzad with Ancestral Spirit on him. This way it resummons KT and then KT resummons all your dead minons. I wasn’t able to do this in the video because I needed to use my Ancestra Spirit earlier in the game. However, your backup plan can be to not kill Onyxia until you have a huge amount of card advantage and the boss is just top decking. This way you can easily plop down more minions next turn and keep board control going to the end of the game.

Undead Nefarian
Class: Shaman

Shaman (18)

Neutral (12)

Paladin Class Challenge

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