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Beating Omnotron Defense System in Normal and Heroic

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Omnotron Defense System Normal Mode Guide

The defense system has several hero powers, and he cycles through them in a fixed order.

Activate Arcanotron (2): Activate Arcanotron!

Arcanotron gives +2 Spell Power to both players.

Activate Toxitron (4): Activate Toxitron!

Toxitron deals damage to all minions at the start of his turn.

Activate Electron (6): Activate Electron!

Electron makes all spells 3 mana cheaper

Activate Magmatron (8): Activate Magmatron!

Magmatron deals damage to players everytime that they play a card.

Activate! (4): Activate a random Tron.

As you can see, he provides excellent synergy with spells. Miracle Rogue Variations, Spell Mages, and maybe even Malygos Shaman immediately come to mind.

I decided to go with a Spell Based mage based on the Flamewalker deck that we showed you last week. The deck had excellent results one shotting this boss and then going 2/2 on Heroic Mode, although I had pretty good draws and Unstable Portal RNG on both Heroic Games.



Omnotron Defense System Heroic Mode Guide

Activate Arcanotron (0): Activate Arcanotron!

Activate Toxitron (2): Activate Toxitron!

Activate Electron (4): Activate Electron!

Activate Magmatron (6): Activate Magmatron!

Activate! (2): Activate a random Tron.

How to beat Omnotron Defense System in Heroic?

In Heroic Mode his Hero Powers are cheaper, and I think some of the trons have stronger statlines aswell. His strategy is to empty his hand into his board with a card that refills his mana crystals and Electron’s ability. Then he has an empty hand on a big board and Magmatron will punish you for trying to catch up. I beat this guy 2/2 with the Mage Deck I presented above. Then again I had of luck on my draws and RNG, so I’m not going to guarantee you a one shot. The key seemed to have Flamewalker on hand along with at least one Arcane Intellect and a bunch of spells to claim the board the turn he brings Electron out to reduce spell costs. You might even want to Hero Power the first few turns to hoard spells. From there on is pretty cake as he’s likely out of steam and your commanding board will carry you to victory, specially because your mirror images will stall the hell out of him.

Another option would be to go for a Miracle Shaman kind of deck. If you play only spells and Gadgetzan you can draw your entire deck yf you manage to Ancestor’s Call a Gadgetzan Auctioneer with Electron on the board. The spell power of Arcanotron can make sure you have enough firepower to clear his face, but you could even stack spell damage through the roof by using the Ancestral Spirit+Reincarnate Combo on Arcanotron. Malygos could also serve as a secondary win condition.

Gadgetzanancestors-callAncestral Spiritreincarnate

This is definitely the funnier way of beating this boss, but its also more expensive as it requires you to have 2x Ancestor’s Call.


JR Cook

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  1. Jeb Birkhimer says:

    Used lorewalker cho and antonidas. get him to give you a copy of the zero cost mana refill spell. play antonidas on round 7 with electron on the board, refill, and fireball him to death in the same round.