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Blackwing Lair Heroic Deck Lists with Videos

by - 7 years ago

I apologize that this took me a couple days to complete. I wasn’t able to finish heroic on Thursday like normal because of my work schedule the last few days. Next week’s wing is likely to have the same delay, just the nature of what happens when this is your hobby and you have to make a living at your day job!

With that said, this was by far the most difficult wing for me with Heroic Vaelasrasz and Chromaggus giving me the most fits. The last boss ended up being pretty easy for me but I might have gotten lucky with a hastily thrown together deck that just worked, maybe you’ll get the same results?

Here are the deck lists I used to win these heroic bosses, and they should probably also work with the normal bosses as well. If you’re having trouble with it I also included the videos.


Heroic Razorgore is a lot like normal Razorgore except that his eggs start out as 0/3 instead of 0/1. You can use a pretty standard zoolock deck to beat him in both normal and heroic. I found the trick is to not necessarily kill off his eggs, but keep them from popping. At some point he’s going to fill his board with eggs that way and as long as you keep them in control you’ll easily dwindle his health. This is the easiest heroic boss you will face in this wing.

Class: Warlock

Warlock (14)

Neutral (16)


This fight takes some luck. The boss’s whole gimmick is to mill you while he’s refilling his supply with Gang Up. His hero power will make you and him draw 3 cards and he also uses Naturalize to make you draw even more while also killing off your minions. This deck is full of 0 and 1 mana minions. Try to save your abusive sergeants for Young Dragonhawk if you can. Save your Hunter’s Mark for their 8/8 minions and use your explosive trap wisely. Even with this deck it took me a few attempts to win.

Class: Hunter

Hunter (8)

Neutral (22)


This fight took me a few tries before I really learned the trick to winning, and after figuring that out it’s pretty easy. Chromaggus puts cards in your hand that does things at the beginning of your turn. You want to basically do everything you can to get rid of them. If the card is one that heals him, you can keep that in your hand until later in the game as he has armor that needs to be taken down first. The card that does 3 damage to you you can probably afford to hold onto for 1 turn if needed. Anything that makes his spells or minons cheaper or allows him to draw multiple cards should be a top priority to get rid of. If you keep those the game is going to snowball FAST in his favor and you’ll lose.

The idea is to try and stabilize the game as much as possible so that when turn 6 rolls around you should be able to start gaining board control while also getting rid of the cards he’s giving you. Once you get to the stabilized point this match should be pretty easy for you to cruise to victory.

The Wombo Combo (Divine Spirit + Inner Fire on a large health minion) is pretty great for this match up as well as there’s not much he can do when you end up having a 20/20 on the board.

Class: Priest

Priest (22)

Neutral (8)

Lord Victor Nefarius

People have had a lot of trouble with this boss, but I threw together this goofy deck and won pretty easily. It’s an all Paladin card deck even. It’s funny because I wasn’t attempting to win my first try with him but to see how the Paladin secrets would perform and then go and change the deck around some.

If I were to make any changes to this I would probably take our Eye for an Eye, Redemption, and Muster for Battle. I’d probably put in a couple Mind Control Techs, Leper Gnomes, and maybe a Bolvar and Ironbeak Owl.

The whole idea of this is to reduce his minions to 1 attack or 1 health (and then kill them off) while applying pressure with mobs of your little minions that become bigger with things like Avenge, Blessing of Might, and Sword of Justice. Since the cards are cheap to play it allows you to sort of keep up when he’s at 10 mana and you’re at just a couple. Save your Equality + Consecration combo for when you really need it. Having Blessing of Wisdom and playing it on a 1 attack creature he has is also a great way to get card advantage.

Since his hero power will give him a random spell from Paladin, be aware though that he could get Consecrate. I got lucky and that didn’t happen to me so be careful if you over extend.

Class: Paladin

Paladin (30)

Warlock Class Challenge

Rogue Class Challenge

JR Cook

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