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Beating Razorgore the Untamed in Normal and Heroic

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Normal Mode

The Rookery (1): Give all Corrupted Eggs +1 Health, then summon one.

Corrupted Egg NormalChromatic Drake Normal

Normal Mode is all about keeping the eggs under control, if you can do one directed damage every turn you could kill all eggs easily negate his hero power. The eggs take a while to hatch though so at a certain point you could easily turn on the aggression and ignore his eggs and drakes. You need to pay attention to life totals and see if an opportunity arises to start the race.

It is worth noting that Crazed Alchemist can instantly kill an egg, cards like Equality or Hunter’s Mark can also buy you a few turns.

Crazed AlchemistHunters-markEquality


Heroic Mode

The Rookery (1): Give all Corrupted Eggs +1 Health, then summon one.

Corrupted Egg HeroicChromatic Drake Heroic

Heroic mode is just a lot harder, you are on a clock and the Corrupted Eggs are just so much harder to deal with. Personally I thought that equality was going to be key card in this encounter, as would be silences. The problem with Silence though is that he uses Bloodlust, so you just can’t afford to have to leave his Eggs lying around. Basically you got to be all about that board control unless you are able to take over, usually with a value Kel’Thuzad that manages to turn the tide over.




I noticed that you are often able to fill your board with small minions, so I decided to try out a Raid Leader and Stormwind Champion to buff them as a budget option, I also added Blessing of Kings for the same purpose. Since he summons Eggs every turn, Mind Control Tech will often get good value. If you steal an Egg that is soon to hatch, the 7/7 Drake can pretty much carry the rest of the game. You’ll still want the silences though, sometimes you just can’t handle all of the eggs at the same time and a well place silence could buy you the turn you need.

Mind Control TechIronbeak OwlSPELLBREAKER

Try to clear his minions the best you can, Aldoring his bigger threats buys you enough time to clear his eggs and start getting full control of the board. Big Game Hunter is there to take care of a Drake, should one hatch. He also plays the 6/6 Dragon that gets +3/+3 if you are at 15 HP or less, that’s another good target for BGH.

If you have Quartermasters they should be huge on this fight, if you have them find them a place on the deck. Tirion also seems like a card that could stabilize the late game, but I’m not going to expect you to have it.
Mulligan for Ironbeak Owl, Equality, and Mind Control Tech. Maybe even add Crazed Alchemist and look for them so you can get a better start. Those are the cards that will allow you to avoid being overrun early, so if you don’t get them, don’t be afraid to reset the encounter. If the board gets out of control you pretty much lose. If an egg hatches and you don’t have a BGH or Equality+Consecration combo to respond, you are going to have a pretty hard time catching up.



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