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Got Lethal #11: The Firelord’s Most Trusted Minion

by - 6 years ago

Welcome to “Got Lethal?” a (hopefully) weekly feature that will try to put you on complicated, yet winnable situations. We will bring you puzzles of sorts where you are tasked with determining the best line of play, which mostly is play that will guarantee you the victory. Maybe this will help you train your pro-skills and perhaps with a bit of luck you won’t Miss Lethal ever again, or maybe the scenarios are way too fantastic to be of help on serious matches, anyway at least I hope you can have fun with them.

Your Hand

faceless flame-cannonFrostboltBig Game Hunter

The Board


In case you forgot your hand, here it is again!

faceless flame-cannonFrostboltBig Game Hunter

And if you don’t know what the minions on the board do, here’s their text.

majordomo-executusSorcerers Apprentice

Finally, replacing a hero with Ragnaros puts the player at 8 HP and gives him the following hero power:

DIE, INSECT (2): Deal 8 damage to a random enemy.


The Firelord’s Most Trusted Minion

Yes we know that Majordomo Executus is beyond awful, but now it’s time to put our money where our mouth is a completely punish our opponent for playing such a fun card with creative mechanics. We even have Big Game Hunter in our hands, and that’s a card that takes Majordomo from bad to unplayable. Sadly, you lack some of your direct damage spells. Fireball would’ve been an easy win, but can you manage without it?


Is this week YOUR turn to make your way into the “Got Lethal?” imaginary leaderboards?

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JR Cook

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0 responses to “Got Lethal #11: The Firelord’s Most Trusted Minion”

  1. David Roshinski says:

    Flamecannon (1 Mana), Copy Domo (9/3) (6 Mana), Frostbolt own Domo (7 Mana), Swing Sorc into opponent Domo, Opponent turns into Ragnaros with 8 life, Use Rag’s hero power killing opponent, exactly

  2. Daniel Blair says:

    Flame Cannon
    then faceless manipulator Majordommo
    Kill our Majordommo with frostbolt
    kill the other Majordommo with novice aprentice
    use hero power

    should be 9 mana

    Edit: I see I was soundly beaten, well played

  3. Quietchr says:

    I want to use all of the mana!

    1. Flamecannon the Majordomo. 9 mana left
    2. Faceless Majordomo. 4 mana left.
    3. Kill the opponent Majordomo with the Apprentice.
    4. Frostbolt our Majordomo. 2 mana left.
    5. Use hero power to kill the twin. 0 mana left.

  4. Gabe Danekari says:

    flame cannon, faceless,frostbolt own majordomo , sorcers goes in to their majordomo making them rag and u rag=hero power 8=lethal