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Molten Core: Heroic Deck Lists and Videos

by - 7 years ago

Wing 2 arrived today and Molten Core opened up to those who had bought it (or will be buying it). The challenges in this one were rather interesting as we got to play a bit with Axe Flinger. The heroic bosses in this wing have some INSANE armor though. I was able to beat all the bosses on normal pretty easily with the decks below. On heroic I was able to get Garr and Geddon on the first try with the decks below. I failed miserably with Majordomo/Ragnaros for 3 games before I changed to the deck I have listed – and got him on the first try with that. Check below for the full deck lists and accompanying videos.

The finally deck lists will work with both normal and heroic.


Garr has a lot of 0/5 dudes with deathrattle. When they do, they damage your hero for each one on the board. You actually want to stop that. On normal you just keep them healed up. On heroic, you want to basically mass silence them and kill them all. Be careful of Bloodlust.

This is pretty easy if you play it safe and eventually clear his board. Once you get to that point he’s pretty quick to take down. Lightwell is your friend. If you get Divine Spirit and Inner Fire it’s even more of your friend.

Heroic Garr
Class: Priest

Priest (26)

Neutral (4)

Baron Geddon

I really liked this challenge. He can only pop off his hero power, which does 10 damage to you if you have any unspent mana crystals. You want to mulligan very heavily for a Flame Imp if you can. Beyond that, this match is just a lot of math and can get very complicated later on. You will also be finding yourself running out of cards and hitting fatigue if you’re not careful. ¬†Worst part is, Geddon has 50 health and 50 armor so you have to dish out a ton of damage.

Your best bet is to get out both your Floating Watchers and just watch the damage roll.

Save your Power Overwhelmings for his spell that he casts on your creatures where if they don’t die by next turn it will deal damage across your board. This is the best way to kill of your own dude so it doesn’t happen.

Heroic Geddon
Class: Warlock

Warlock (23)

Neutral (7)

Majordomo Executus/Ragnaros the Firelord

This was probably the toughest fight for me because Majordomo has 30 health and 15 armor, but after you kill him you have Ragnaros with 30 health and 30 armor and his hero power hits 2 targets! The only way I was able to beat him was with the infinite fireball combo.

Basically you try to stay safe early on in the game. Use your freezing spells and taunts. Try to get a board clear with Frost Nova and Doomsayer. Pop Blizzard and clear the board with Flamestrike. Use your drawing cards as much as possible.

Save your duplicates for Sorcerer’s Apprentice and maybe 1 for Emperor T. Use Echoes on Sorcerer’s Apprentice. One you have 4 of those with a Antonidas in play with a spell, it’s infinite fireball time. Basically just fireball like crazy and win.

Heroic Majordomo/Ragnaros
Class: Mage

Mage (23)

Neutral (7)

Warrior Challenge

Shaman Challenge

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