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Beating Majordomo Executus (and Ragnaros)

by - 7 years ago




Normal Mode

The Majordomo (2): Summon a 1/3 Flamewaker Acolyte.

Majordomo Executus has a hero power reminiscent of the Paladin’s, instead of dropping down lowly 1/1’s he summons 1/3 minions instead. The problem is that when he dies, you have to face the Firelord himself. Just like the Hero version you transform into from the Majordomo Executus legendary card, he has 8 hp and his Hero Power does 8 damage to a random enemy for just 2 mana, but this boss version also has 8 armor which makes killing him a bit harder.

DIE, INSECT (2): Deal 8 damage to a random enemy.

They have A LOT of Molten Giants on his deck, so you want to keep Majordomo above 21 Health to avoid seeing your enemy’s board flooded with 8/8.

Basically you want to control the board fill up your side to reach a point where you can burst him down, the dream is getting him down from 21 to 0, then deal 16 points to Ragnaros in the same turn to kill him off. But if your Board is dominant enough, you can probably kill Majordomo on one turn and then Ragnaros the next.

The 1/3 are just Grim Patron Fodder, and they also are good to activate Raging Worgens. Running a Grim Patron Warrior really makes this match easy. You could probably even run a Grim Patron Druid or Shaman and try to pull off sick Savage Roar or Bloodlust combos.



Heroic Mode


Sadly, 3/3 Acolytes mean that Grim Patron Shenanings are likely a no go, it also means that you can’t just safely build your board and clear his silly cards and weak hero power.  Having to face fresh 3/3 each turn is a lot of pressure so you need to stablish dominant board control, I’m thinking that maybe Molten Giants/Duplicate/Echo of Medivh might be the way to go.

Personally I decided to Gang Up Fatigue him, and its not that hard once you know how to deal with him. On my first try I was doing pretty good but the Fatigue Damage dropped him into Molten Giant range and he wrecked me. On my second try I was smarter about it and waited to the right moment to burst him down so he couldn’t play a single Molten, as Ragnaros he was 30 HP + 30 Armor so I didn’t have to worry about Moltens for a bit, after a turn I dropped my remaining Coldlight Oracles and finished him off with my Minions, an Eviscerate, and a Fireball stolen by Prince Gallywix.


I Shadowstepped the Oracle, passed the turn and he shot my Taunter and one of the Swords, recieving some serious fatigue damage in the process.


The following turn it was a matter of playing the Oracle, casting some damage spells, and going full face with my minions, once I hit end turn he received 11 more fatigue damage notching me a cool victory.

Here’s the deck I used.


Since you want to draw the game out to fatigue, you are going to need to deal with an endless stream of 3/3s, this deck is filled with minions that can trade for 2 of them. You have some weapon trickery and Blade Flurry in case things get out of hand early. You want to mulligan hard for Oracle, but you don’t want to play it as soon as you got it. Instead worry about controlling the board, only play the Cold Light once your hand starts to run out of steam, or you have the board under control and have enough mana to use Coldlight + Gang Up or Cold Light + Shadowstep. If you do the latter, don’t play the Oracle again until you get the Gang Up, or you really need the cards.

The second gang up should be used on a more valuable minion, you could take a gamble on picking up more Oracles, but you risk being overwhelmed by the 3/3 summons. I got success Ganging up Dancing Swords the second time around, the swords help with your fatigue goal and also trade for 2 of the 3/3 minions.

Gallywix is also very important, if played on a clean board we will often notch you 2 spells, which can be very important to dispose of the larger minions that he likes to throw on the board from time to time. Thaurissan wasn’t actually very helpful at all, he should probably be switched for Sylvanas.


JR Cook

JR has been writing for fan sites since 2000 and has been doing Blizzard Exclusive fansites since 2003. He helped co-found BlizzPro in 2013. You can hear JR every week talk about Hearthstone on the Well Met Podcast published on iTunes.

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  1. Taylor Fitzpatrick says:

    What is the Grim Patron Shaman Deck?

    • Dannie Ray says:

      I basically added a lot of early removal spells, Windfury Minions such as the 2/3 Far Seer, the 3/2 Mech, and Raging Worgen. Also Grim Patrons, Acolyte of Pain, and Unstable Ghouls for some synergy. 2 Bloodlusts to round things up.

  2. Benjamin Corbett says:

    Yeah you aren’t posting the normal decks. What gives bro do you even shuffle?

  3. Jason Brownlie says:

    its bullshit he one shots grim patron every time

  4. Brandon says:

    Tried many normal deck’s. Than Grim Shaman one shot. ty