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Hidden Easter Eggs: Harrison Jones

by - 8 years ago

Did you know that Harrison Jones has been hanging out in the Nexus lately? He’s a bit hidden but you can find him lurking on the Sky Temple and Tomb of the Spider Queen maps. In fact, if you find him and win the game, he’ll come celebrate with you at your opponents core.

Last night, the Heroes Powerhour crew was playing with Alebeard from AlebeardTV on Twitch and he showed us how to find Harrison Jones. There is a little cylinder right below the boss with a cover on it. If you click it enough it will break the cover and Harrison Jones will pop out. He’ll then hop on a magic carpet and zoom away being chased by what looks like a large spider. It’s quite likely the Tomb of the Spider Queen resides right underneath Sky Temple.

The next easter egg takes place on Sky Temple. On the blue side of the map near the upper mid left portion is a little tomb with a spider gem on it. Click on the gem a few times and Harrison Jones will descend down a rope, grab the gem, and then climb on out of the tomb. At the end of the game he’ll then hang down a rope and wave as you celebrate your victory.

Do you know of any other easter eggs in the Nexus? Let us know!

Also give Jordan Powers (WoW artist and creator of Pepe) a follow on Twitter for the funny image we used for this article.

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