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Buy More Packs with Amazon Deal

by - 7 years ago

For a limited time, Amazon is running quite the deal with Hearthstone.

If you buy 15 or 40 card pack bundles through the Amazon you’ll get Amazon Coins back, which you can use to purchase more cards (or other things on Amazon if you wish).

However, to maximize your pack buying you can do this:

  • Purchase Amazon Coins for up to a 20% discount
  • Use the coins to buy $20 or more card packs
  • For every $20 spent on a card pack, receive 50% Amazon coins back to your account
  • Use those to buy more card packs

Using this method you could purchase 71 card packs for $49.99 instead of 40 card packs for the same price. So if you’re looking to purchase card packs in the next several days, this is definitely the way to do it to maximize the amount of cards you can add to your collection. This is definitely the best deal Hearthstone has ever had in purchasing cards.

EDIT: Been getting some questions about this – so thought I would answer them below.

Do I need an Android device to take advantage of this?

Yes, you do. Not only that buy you’ll need the Hearthstone version from the Amazon app store. You can get it here.

Is this for the mobile version only?

Like above, you can only do this with Android. However, accounts are platform agnostic so just buy your packs on your Android device and you’ll get to enjoy them no matter where you log in at from there.

Why can I not purchase Amazon coins for this?

It might be the country you’re in. This is only available in the USA, UK, and Germany.

If I live in a state where Amazon gets taxed, will this purchase be taxed?

Unfortunately, yes. So if you’re like me and live in Kansas where Amazon purchases get taxed, this deal isn’t as sweet as others will get 🙁

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