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Buy Hearthstone Themed Pint Glasses from ThinkGeek

by - 7 years ago

Edit: It appears they are sold out now. Will keep an eye and try to keep you updated on when they are back in stock

Edit #2: It appears they are now available in the Blizzard Gear store

Got a special Hearthstone player in your life that you’re trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for? Perhaps you’re just looking for something awesome for yourself?

Well, you’re in luck because ThingGeek has a new Blizzard licensed Hearthstone product in the form of a set of 4 pint glasses. On the front of the glasses are portraits of 4 minions – Leeroy Jenkins, Nat Pagle, Ragnaros the Firelord, and Nozdormu. On the back is the Hearthstone logo. The entire set will set you back $24.99 plus shipping.

However, if you order today and your order is over $40, you can use the promo code USGETIT and get 25% off your total order plus free shipping. This means you can buy 2 sets for a total of $37.49 – buy one for yourself and one for a friend.

I can see all kinds of fun drinking games you can do with this or special kind of drinks for each glass. Fireball for Ragnaros, Leeroy Jenkins you have to have chicken with your beer, Nozdormu requires you to chug your drink in less than 15 seconds, and Nat Pagle can be the glass you take with you when you’re out fishing. Have any ideas for special drinks you could have in these? Let us know in the comments!

Buy yours today by following this link.

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  1. Golgo13 says:

    I already have so many pint glass sets from TG that I can’t bring myself to buy another one. But definitely cool!