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Deck of the Week #39: Yogg Miracle Rogue

by - 7 years ago

Every Friday a legendary member from team IHearthU breaks down IHU’s “Deck of the Week” . These decks are seeing a lot of play either in constructed ladder or tournaments. Team IHU explains the deck lists and how to play them. View past Deck Lists of the Week.

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[IHU]JRoc here bringing you this weeks deck of the week.   Today we will be looking at a Miracle Rogue deck used by Yogg to achieve #1 Legend in Europe. The deck contains the core miracle cards but utilizes some old school combos to finish off the opponent. This makes the deck more explosive and gives it more win conditions when you do not have Gadgetzan Auctioneer. Hope you enjoy it!

Deck List

yoggmiracle2x Backstab: The bread and butter card of the Rogue Class. A cheap removal of 0 mana that helps to set up combos as well as gain tempo. Look for this card early to help keep the enemies board clear of minions or look to hold onto it to set up a Gadgetzan Auctioneer cycle.

2x Preparation: A fairly useless card on its own,   but when combined with Auctioneer or Edwin VanCleef some massive combos can be made. It is the core card in the deck that allows miracles to be made.   For full effect of the card look to use it on your highest costing spells such has Fan of Knives.

1x Shadowstep: Like preparation it is a fairly useless card in most cases, but has its place. Look to use Shadowstep to help create a bigger Edwin, combo an Si 7 Agent to clear the enemies board or with Leeroy Jenkins to burst the enemy down.   Against hunters or aggressive decks look to play it on Earth Ring Farseer to boost your life total.

2x Cold Blood: A cheap spell that is generally used as a cycle card or a burst finisher. If you have no way of clearing the enemies minions don’t be afraid to use it on your own minions to help them trade into something bigger.   Cold Blood has great synergy with Conceal so they enemy cannot deal with your high attack minions.

1x Conceal: Another awesome card that helps you work your miracles. It’s main purpose to to conceal your auctioneer so your next turn can include many draws to cycle through your deck efficiently.   Its other less obvious purposes can include concealing your board to protect it from the enemies minions and spells, as well as concealing Leeroy Jenkins and the following turn playing Cold Blood+Faceless Manipulator for extremely high burst damage.

2x Deadly Poison: A solid 1 mana card that turn your dagger into a Fiery War Axe. This helps to give you a tempo advantage due to its lost cost and ability to do +2 damage over 2 turns assuming you used it on a fresh dagger. Has a great combo with Blade flurry which can turn games completely around.

1x Blade Flurry: The main area of effect card in the Miracle Deck. Can completely turn games around when you are behind or in a tight game. Forces the enemy to play around it and make worse plays due to the fear of this card. Look to set up good blade flurry’s with deadly poison or spell power against aggressive decks.

2x Eviscerate: Another cheap removal card that can potentially remove bigger threats than back stab can. Has really good synergy with spell power as most difficult minions have around 5 health.   it’s 2 mana cost gives you great value and tempo.

2x Sap: One of my favorite cards in Miracle Rogue. This is the card every enemy is scared of because of it’s ability to change the whole game around. One sap on a taunt or high mana minion can cause a massive tempo swing that the enemy can not come back from. This card is especially good vs control decks or decks that utilize many decently high mana minions .

2x Shiv: A decent all around card that has many purposes. Its main job is to cycle through your deck while giving you a bonus 1 damage that can help you finish off some minions. It shines best when used with spell power or Auctioneer. With Auctioneer it nets you 2 draws at once giving you more options right away.

1x Bloodmage Thalnos: Versatile low mana legendary that helps to cycle through your deck,   give you spell power to help burst minions down easier, or to combat aggressive decks by putting out a minion that has to be removed by the enemy. This creates for a great distraction that limits damage to your face buying you more time.

2x Fan of Knives: A good secondary area of effect card to Blade Flurry. This card is more flexible but for a higher mana cost. It helps along with shiv to do small chip damage while cycling through you deck to draw into the cards you need. Combined with spell power makes for a really strong board clear.

1x Earthen Ring Farseer: Miracle Rogue has fairly weak defenses in terms of its life total, so this card helps with that issue.   Helps to ward off the aggressive decks with a 3-3 body while restoring life to your hero. Can also be used against control decks to heal your other minions to maintain board control.

1x Edwin Vancleef: One of the best 3 mana cards in the game. In combination with all the low mana spells and combos it can become a huge threat for such a low mana cost. If you do not draw an Auctioneer this card is 1 of the ways you can win the game. Make a huge Cleef and conceal it if possible and begin to pressure their life total. At worst it is usually a 3 mana 4-4 which is still the best 3 drop out there.

2x Si 7 Agent: Awesome 3 drop that synergizes extremely well with the deck. All the low mana cards have amazing combos with Si 7 that can help clear the enemies board with ease. It gains you a great tempo advantage to pressure the enemy in the early game while you wait to draw into your combos.

2x Azure Drake: A 5 drop that is rarely played now in the metagame with all the other great choices, but shines well in rogue due to its versatility. It helps to cycle through your deck, while proving you with spell power to increase the overall value of all your other cards. A turn 5 Azure Drake into a Backstab can help turn games into your favor.

1x Faceless Manipulator: An odd card in Miracle Rogue. The card alone is fairly slow but it has many combos and uses.   The main goal is to copy a strong enemy minion if they have 1 and sap it to gain momentum. If this condition is not met look to use it on Leeroy Jenkins as a finisher or on a Cold Blooded minion you have that can be combined with conceal to do large burst damage.

2x Gadgetzan Auctioneer: The core card that the entire deck is built around. Drawing it is crucial to your survival in almost every deck game. Look to plan out your turns ahead of time with your spells to know which ones you want to save to use with your Auctioneer. Look to keep it against every slow control deck, but consider putting it back vs all the aggressive decks. Shines best when concealed but always be mindful of an enemy Loatheb.

1x Leeroy Jenkins: The finisher of the deck that gives you another win condition from just Auctioneer combos or a large Edwin. Always be mindful of your total damage in hand and look for ways to lethal your opponent. This generally includes synergies with Cold Blood, Shadowstep, Conceal plays , or with Faceless Manipulator. If your hand is terrible look to play Leeroy followed by Conceal, And then Cold Blood it and Faceless it to finish off the enemy out of nowhere.

The Mulligan

Most of the mulligan phase depends on what kind of deck you are playing and what is already in your hand. General keeps against aggressive decks are Backstab, Eviscerate, Deadly Poison,   Si 7 Agent, Fan of Knives ,Bloodmage Thalnos and sometimes Preparation and Shiv. Against slower decks look to keep Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Si 7 Agent,   Backstab, and Deadly Poison, and sometimes Azure Drake.

The Coin

The mulligan changes slightly in the face that Edwin VanCleef becomes a lot more appealing. You also have more options so some cards that you otherwise would not keep as first becomes acceptable. When second against control decks, it is fine to keep Auctioneer with Conceal or Preparation to have a solid mid game.

Game Plan

The main idea behind Miracle Rogue is to keep the enemies board as clean as possible until around turn 5 or 6 where you begin to throw down your own threats and turn the game around. Turn 5 plays can include Azure Drake , Shiv Si7/ Cleef plays, or a Gadgetzan coin Conceal Play to help set up your next turn to cycle through your deck while enhancing your own board. Look to be on the defensive as much as you can until you are sure you can achieve lethal within the next turns by going to the face.

Final Thoughts

Miracle Rogue is a very versatile deck that has a shot at winning virtually all matchups due to its insane cycle mechanic. This makes it a great all around deck that can win in both the Ladder and Tournament play because of its versatility.

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Written by [IHU]JRoc

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