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Is the Hearthstone Team Hinting at a Goblin/Gnome Mechanical Themed Expansion?

by - 7 years ago

Delivered by UPS this morning, I received this little treat from Blizzard folks



This is all that came in the package. A blueprint post card of a Repair Bot along with the note “Making Plans for BlizzCon – I hope you like my invention!

It seems we aren’t the only people who received similar packages today. TouchArcade received a blue print of a Demolisher and Noxious received a blueprint of a Poultryizer. We’ve also seen a Harvest Golem blueprint floating around as well.

It’s obvious that Blizzard is teasing their Hearthstone announcement at BlizzCon, and with November’s card back being Goblin themed it’s likely the next expansion could very well be mechanical focused in nature.

What do we know about this next card expansion so far? Well, we know it’s going to be around 100 new cards and the way to get them will be through another set of booster packs which will be sold in the store for gold or cash. Now, we potentially have a hint on what the expansion could be themed around. We’re just a little over a week now from BlizzCon and the Hype Train is definitely zooming down the tracks now.

What do you think this message sent could mean? Is it related to a new expansion or do you think it’s something else? Let us know in the comments!

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0 responses to “Is the Hearthstone Team Hinting at a Goblin/Gnome Mechanical Themed Expansion?”

  1. Umbradomo says:

    Maybe their invention is Hearthstone for the Android? That could be what’s in the big open area of the map for Blizzcon.

    • Eldorian says:

      I don’t think they would have sent out teasers for something we already know is coming. Also, they wouldn’t have 2 spaces for Hearthstone on the floor.

  2. Teemo says:

    Wait the new cards will be craftable 😮 ?
    I was expecting smth like Naxx 😡
    Oh well, it’s faster to obtain them this way :p