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Written by [DKMR]Varranis

Welcome to this week’s “What Would DKMR Do?” Each week we’ll present an in-game situation and discuss the possible lines of play. Here’s the scenario for this week:


We’re in a relatively advantaged position in this game and have several options. Let’s see how you decided to progress this game.

Paul said:

“I would play Blademaster, heal him for a card, and probably pass.”

This play betters your board presence and card advantage and keeps a Northshire Cleric for later.

Ciaranirl, Peter Thorne, and Maroon5five would make the same play, but they would also play the second Northshire Cleric in order to draw two cards. This play gives you an extra card, but makes you particularly susceptible to Lightning Storm.

Stolen Prayers would:

“I’d probably cast Holy Fire and trade the Northshire Clecric and play the second Northshire Cleric.”

This play ensures the Unbound Elemental won’t get too out of hand and maximizes our mana.

So what would DKMR do?

We would play the second Northshire Cleric and the Injured Blademaster and use our hero power to heal the Injured Blademaster and draw two cards. We would then attack the Shaman with our Northshire Cleric. This play gives us the most guaranteed value from our Northshire Clerics and ensures we don’t lose our advantage. While we are somewhat blown out by spell power into Lightning Storm, we have an in hand answer to the Unbound Elemental and many other tools aside. It’s also important to note our opponent will be overloaded for one and unable to play Azure Drake into Lightning Storm. Thus our opponent needs Bloodmage Thalnos or a lucky totem roll to get the spell power. It’s also important to note that if we draw a Power Word: Shield, it can save our Injured Blademaster from a worst case scenario.

Playing Auchenai Soulpriest in this scenario is significantly worse than playing Injured Blademaster since it dies to the same cards Injured Blademaster dies to, but doesn’t allow you to draw any cards. Playing Holy Fire is too reactive and playing Thoughtsteal is too passive. Either play risks giving up your current advantage through failing to progress your board. Holy Fire will be a powerful play on nearly any turn of the game and there is no truly pressing reason to play it now. Thoughtsteal may net you useful cards, but there is no guarantee of that and you can afford to play the card on later turns. Playing Injured Blademaster and drawing two cards puts you in the best position to cement a victory.

Next week we’ll be talking about the scenario below. What would you do? Let us know in the comments!


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0 responses to “WHAT WOULD DKMR DO? #18”

  1. SkarnSW says:

    It’s really tempting equip the Doomhammer to just go for face, but that would likely turn put poorly. A Holy Fire + Hero Power restores most of that damage and leaves us one turn away from dead. Defender of Argus is likely useless too, since SW:Death can easily kill our Elemental. Though the Priest didn’t use it last turn, so maybe it is still in the deck.

    I’d likely just try to clear. Thalnos, Lightning Storm and kill an Unbound with our Fire Elemental. Though playing Azure Drake and killing an Unbound with our Fire isn’t bad either, since that’d probably force the Priest to clear our board and still leave us with the Storm play. Depends on how many of the Priest’s small minions we’ve seen so far.

  2. IllustionDog says:

    I would go thalnos storm to clear colbat and under then fire elemental one of the overloads and play another fire elemental to het rid of the next one next turn and go from there.

  3. zgurka says:

    I would probably just hero power a totem, drop Argus in the middle, and slam fire ele into an unbound.

  4. paul says:

    As Skarn said, this position can vary greatly depending on what else we’ve played/seen played. We can probably safely assume there are two SW:D’s left, as Fire Ele is the target Priest should be holding them for. That said, we have a couple of options. First; Thalnos, Lightning Storm, pop an Unbound with Fire Ele. This line stabilizes the board and makes SW:D less valuable for the Priest, but it does keep the priest player in the active role. Based on the history of played cards, it seems unlikely he has another Overload card to pump the Unbound, so we should have to worry about that. This is probably the safest play, though it limits our mana again next turn, which could be problematic if he’s holding another Undertaker + Deathrattle guy.
    The second option would be to send Fire Ele into Understaker, play the second Ele and kill his CSP. This leaves us in a relatively safe board position, offers full nine mana next turn, and presses the advantage we have (that he doesn’t appear to be holding SW:D), forcing the priest to regulate the board or risk being dead in two turns.
    I think I’m leaning toward option two, since it puts the Priest on the shortest clock and presses our advantage the most.

  5. Peter Thorne says:

    cast fire elemental, kill undertaker. attack unbound

  6. Galurin says:

    Kill one elemental with my fire elemental, lava spell on the second one and totem. There is no way to avoid overcharge but this forces the opponent to deal with my rather big minion And if I get my taunt totem I gain some time

  7. Shelu says:

    Play Bloodmage Thalnos, use lightning storm. That will kill Cabal and Undertaker; kill one Unbound with Fire Elemental and pass; the other Unbound will be at 2 or 1 health.