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Hearthstone is the Most Downloaded App In 34 Countries After Day One

by - 9 years ago

After hints of the impending world-wide release of Hearthstone on the iPad just one week ago from the show floor at PAX East, Hearthstone found itself available for download from Apple’s App Store this past Wednesday. By Thursday, it would find itself as the most downloaded app in 34 countries, according to this Business Insider article.

A rather unbelievable feat for a game that we have known and loved so well for a little over a year now. Knowing what other offerings exist in the App Store (namely, the titan also known as Candy Crush), it’s not too surprising that it is taking Hearthstone a little longer to unseat those giants from the top of the top-grossing iPad apps list, but give the game time. The article goes on to state that another source believes Hearthstone could stand to gross as much as $30 million this year, which, I believe, would have to ultimately be seen as a gigantic accomplishment for a team as small as Team Five. I’m not even sure if those numbers aren’t actually a bit too modest, since we here on the inside know that Adventure Mode is coming. With its wings being unlocked via in-game or real world currency, this will be yet another avenue for income to roll in and one can only guess whether the analyst sourced in the Business Insider article is accounting for that or not.

With the release of the game for iPhone and Android formats slated for later this year, these numbers will only continue to grow. I’d like to hear from you all. Are you surprised at these numbers? If you’ve downloaded the game for the iPad, how are you enjoying it? Do you find you actually play on the tablet now more than you do on the PC, if given the choice of both? Are you one of the (im)patient members of the community waiting for Android support? Throw a thought or two in the comment section below.

JR Cook

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