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Deck of the Week #7: DKMR Giants

by - 8 years ago

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[DKMR]Alchemixt here from team Don’t Kick My Robot to bring you this week’s Deck of the Week. Well Met! Yes this week we will be discussing a Paladin Control deck. This deck is designed to be a counter to specific decks which will work well in a tournament setting. Recently Paladin has been considered among the weakest of the classes and all it really has going for it is a great greeting but hopefully some of you can have some success with this deck. If you like slow paced games with giant creatures and powerful spells than this may be just right for you! Check out DKMR’s version of Paladin Gaints.
Humility – This card is probably not what you were expecting but it does a great job at dealing with midrange to large size creatures and should buy you enough time to get you to your lategame.

Equality – The best card that Paladin has access to. When combined with Consecration, avenging wrath or Wild Pyromancer, this card can really swing the game back into your favor.

Sunfury Protector – This card fills 2 roles. It is an early game creature if you need some board presence or it gives your giants and guardians taunt to make them into a late game walls.

Wild Pyromancer – Primarily in here just because of Equality but, cane be combined with Humility or other spells; he is not useless without it either.

Aldor Peacekeeper – This card fills the same role as Humility but leaves you with a nice 3/3 for 3 mana as well.

Big Game Hunter – More of a metagame card but since we are trying to prey on decks like Handlock with all of our Humility effects we might as well play this as well.

Truesilver Champion – This is one of those cards that we think is just too good not to play in almost any Paladin Deck.

Consecration – Good board clear on its own, great board clear with Wild Pyromancer, and the best boardclear with Equality.

Hammer Of Wrath – Not a very impressive card but it cycles nicely through the deck and fills out a nice spot on the mana curve.

Defender Of Argus – Taunt enabler to help defend against aggressive decks or late game combos like Force Of Nature + Savage Roar from Druids.

Faceless Manipulator – With cards like Humility and Big Game Hunter it is very nice to Copy their large creature and then cripple it.

Gadgetzan Auctioneer – with several spells it’s nice to be able to cycle it through when you get your Auctioneer out.

Avenging Wrath – This card is just very powerful and also great when combined with Equality (seeing a theme here? Sometimes you can finish games by doming them to the face.

Sylvanas Windrunner – With the recent changes to Tinkmaster Overspark Sylvanas has become a more attractive option to many decks.

The Black Knight – Very nice removal card that leaves behind a respectable body.

Guardian Of Kings – This card is a little expensive but it does a nice job at keeping you out of the “danger zone” when playing against decks with lots of burst damage.

Lay On Hands – If you can find a nice spot in the game to cast this without being punished too hard it will likely win you the game.

Ragnaros The Firelord – A standard finisher that is quite funny if you can manage to copy it with Faceless Manipulator.

Tirion Fordring – If this card isn’t silenced then it is a huge game changer. Even when silenced it is still a 6/6 which isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Alexstrasza – Since this deck lacks damage Alexstrasza can help start you on the road to victory during a game. It is also worth noting that you may need to heal yourself with it from time to time.

Mountain Giant – During the beginning of the game you will be mostly making 1/1’s with your Hero Power which leaves you with a nice full hand of cards.


When playing this deck there are some things to keep in mind.

– Equality is your best card. Everytime you play Equality in combination with Wild Pyromancer, Avenging Wrath, or Consecration it should be devastating to your opponent. Just because you have the option to Equality combo does not mean you always should. Patience is key in winning games with this deck and getting the most out of every equality plays a huge role in that concept.

– Mountain Giant is a great card in some matchups and almost uncastable in others. Try to pay attention to the class you are playing against when deciding whether or not to keep Mountain Giant in your opening hand. Also, if you decide to keep a Mountain Giant in your opener it may go with out saying but you should base your gameplan around the giant. Meaning you should probably just Hero Power the first few turns unless you absolutely need to interact with the opponents play. An example of a class that you would not want to keep a Mountain Giant against would be Hunter because doing nothing for the first few turns will likely be your death. A class in which keeping a Mountain giant would be acceptable is against Druid. Druid could have some crazy innervate play but hopefully you can just humility that and go on with the giants plan.

– A smart opponent will always save at least 1 silence effect to deal with your Tirion Fordring. However, you should try and bait out their silence effects before playing your Tirion so that he is game breaking. Try to play your Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Sylvanas Windrunner, or Aldor Peacekeeper (They may silence their own guy to get power back) first before just throwing down Tirion. If your opponent has not played a single silence effect all game then chances are he is keeping it for Tirion so keep that in mind before deciding whether or not to play him.

– Mulligans in general are going to be slightly different with this deck compared to others. The only other deck that I believe has a similar mulligan strategy would be the popular Control Warrior deck. If you take a look at this deck you will likely notice the large quantity of expensive cards. In most cases if you had a mediocre 3 or 4 cards you would swap them out and try to get the right cards for the matchup. However, everytime you throw back a card in this deck you have a pretty decent chance of having it be replaced with an expensive costed card. So in my personal opinion I think that you should be more willing to keep a mediocre hand as opposed to throwing those cards back and then getting screwed over by large expensive cards.

So here is an example:

You are playing first against a mage and your hand is Aldor Peacekeeper, Defender of Argus, and Hammer of Wrath. All of these cards are not cheap but also not too expensive and in any other deck we would probably throw back the Defender of Argus and Hammer of Wrath to try and get lower more efficient costed cards. In this deck we would just keep all 3 because is is quite likely that those 2 cards we throw back would be replaced by 2 even more clunky cards. Basically the point we are trying to make is that you should be satisfied in keeping mediocre hands and not risk replacing them with huge high cost cards.

Here are a few other cards that you may want to tryout in the deck for yourself:

Twilight Drake – Like Mountain Giant this card is great with a full hand and gives you another target to taunt up.

Cairne Bloodhoof – A great card when not silenced and even if it does get silenced that means your Tirion Fordring may be in the clear.

Holy Light – If you want some more game against aggressive decks and it also is another cheap spell to go with Wild Pyromancer.

Knife Juggler – Known as an aggressive card mostly but works well with Equality and your Hero Power.

Elven Archer – Works well with Equality and gives you an early game play.

Stampeding Kodo – With 2 Aldor Peacekeepers and 2 Humility this card can combo to kill off anything if set up correctly.


There you have it. We hope some of you decide to give this deck a try and maybe add it to your selection of tournament decks as well. See you next week!

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  1. Sam says:

    Is DKMR’s forum resignation closed? Just wondering… been waiting for the approval email forever…

  2. Jacob says:

    Thought I would give it a shot as I had Paladin domination as my daily challenge, took it from rank 19 to 14 undefeated, I did not have Alex and only one Mountain Giant so I went with Onyxia and a Sea Giant, had not played with Ony and was surprised how well this worked. I also found the Giants to be good Hex bait against Shaman!

  3. Kevin Jones says:

    This deck is pretty fun to play. Pretty solid too. Good matchup with Hunter.