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A Wonderful World of Hearthstonecraft #1

by - 9 years ago

In this column, we like to feature a very different side of Hearthstone and the Hearthstone player community. We search the web for user created content inspired by Hearthstone, and share it with you whenever we can.

The Blizzard universe of characters and story design has a long history of inspiring truly amazing fan art. Hearthstone is no different, although the nature of the game tends to bring about a few quirkier and fun-filled creations. Blizzard set the tone nicely with the 2013 year-end employee gift.

Kierpanda this week is offering a very tasty entry with her fresh batch of Hearthscones, complete with recipe.


Need something a bit more solid? How about a Hearthstone leather wallet, created by Kaje.


Perhaps woodworking is more to your liking. How about this gorgeous, real-life Hearthstone chest, crafted by Steven Hicks.  If you think that’s impressive, you should see what he has done to the inside.

Hearthstone Box

If baking is more your style (and if you speak spanish), then check out the tutorial for making these amazing Hearthstone cookies, created by g33kery.


For the rest of us, if we feel even just a little bit crafty, we can always make our own Hearthstone cards online. And if you want to break out your own Photoshop or Illustrator skills, remember that the official Hearthstone card font is Belwe Bd BT.

Know of any more Hearthstone craft projects worth sharing? Please tell us in the comment section below.


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  1. [DKMR]DaLighzic says:

    I would purchase any of the above items. I especially like the leather :).