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Design a Legendary

Design a Legendary, Part 3: Choose Your Power Live!

by - 9 years ago

On Wednesday, December 11 starting at 5:00pm PST we will move onto the next stage in crafting our community driven legendary weapon with a live chat.

Our very own Twizz, host and creator of Twizzcast, will be hosting this round table discussion and will be joined by popular streamer and Twizzcast co-host Archon the Wizard, the legendary Flux from Diabo.Incgamers and Diablo III MVP Monstrous along with Diablo III developers Travis Day and John Yang to decide the unique properties that will go into our Hatred-infused sword.  The idea is to pick five to ten different properties for the weapon that will then be voted on by the community to see what makes the cut in the next step of the Design a Legendary series.

This chat will be hosted on the Twizzcast channel of Blizzpro.tv and everyone is invited.  Feel free to hang out and share your own thoughts and opinions on how the legendary should be crafted, we’ll be pulling ideas from the chat to discuss and consider in the process as well.

Check out the full details below.

To date, we’ve chosen the weapon type (a one-handed sword) and it’s theme (Mephisto, Lord of Hatred). 3D character artist Aaron Gaines is putting stylist to tablet as we speak, and we’ll be able to share the first piece of concept art for this particular Legendary item with all of you next week.

Now that we’ve started to nail down the visual design, it’s time to start thinking about what this Legendary should actually do. Enter the Design a Legendary, Part 3: “Choose Your Power” Livestream.

For this stage of functional design, we’re teaming up with the fantastic folks over at TwizzCast tolivestream a brainstorming session on item design with some of our Diablo III developers. This livestream will briefly go over the design process for Legendary item powers in Reaper of Souls, but its main goal is to players the opportunity to share and discuss suggestions on what kind of powers they’d like our community-designed Legendary to have.

Here are all the juicy details:

  • What: Design a Legendary, Part 3: “Choose Your Power” Livestream
  • When: Wednesday, December 11 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. PT
  • Where: http://www.twitch.tv/Twizzcast
  • Who: Joining this podcast will be game designers Travis Day and John Yang, as well as the following hosts and guests:
  • Goal(s): Brainstorm and discuss possible Legendary powers for our Mephisto-themed, one-handed Legendary sword. We’re hoping to come away with at least 5 to 10 workable powers that we can then have you, the community, vote on globally!

If you’re interested in participating, be sure to stop by the TwizzCast chat channel to hang out with us, ask questions, or offer your own Legendary suggestions! We’re really looking forward to this very special event, and we can’t wait to see you there.

Have an idea for a Legendary power for this particular item, but can’t tune in to the livestream? Feel free to leave a comment below or share your suggestions with us on Twitter!

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