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Reign of Fire – New WOW TCG Expansion Reintroduces ALL Loot Cards

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Ever wanted the Spectral Tiger Mount but didn’t want to shell over hundreds of dollars on eBay for one? Well, now is your chance to pull it from a fresh pack along with any other awesome loot cards from the past 21 sets of the WoW TCG.

Cryptozoic announced this week the release of their new WoW TCG expansion called “Reign of Fire” and in this set they are re-introducing every single loot card ever made in the series. This would include the Spectral Tiger Mount, the Ethereal Plunderer, or even the Rocket Chicken. Basically every single loot card ever released will be able to be found in this set. Not only that, but the loot cards rarity will be decreased in this set so they will have even more chances to appear in random booster packs.


The Reign of Fire is the 3rd and last set of the Timewalkers block and is set to release on July 23, 2013.

Set Size: 232
  • 70 Common
  • 60 Uncommon
  • 30 Hero
  • 60 Rare
  • 12 Epic
  • $3.99 per pack

More information about the set can be found here:

The might of the Burning Legion falls upon Azeroth in Timewalkers: Reign of Fire, the twenty-first World of Warcraft Trading Card Game expansion!

Travel back in time to the era of Warcraft 3, as the Timewalkers witness the horrific power of the Burning Legion and its leader, Kil’jaeden. Monstrous players who align themselves with the demonic forces will be rewarded with the new Portal keyword, allowing you to summon more demonic minions with one mighty play. Or you can enlist the power of Medivh the Prophet, one of the two new master heroes in this set, as the former guardian seeks to atone for his grand betrayal by bringing the warring factions together against one common enemy.

With new Humans, Night Elves, Orcs, and Tauren at your disposal, will you assist the Alliance and the Horde in their fight for survival, or will you fight for the monstrous Burning Legion?

The Timewalkers have also uncovered time-lost relics from the past. These treasures have returned, featuring every Loot Card™ that has ever existed in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game! With better chances to open Loot cards in each pack, players will be able to uncover some of Azeroth’s greatest trinkets and treasures!

15 game cards per pack; 36 packs per box


The Reign of Fire Epic Collection not only comes with six boosters of this expansion. it’s also the perfect purchase for collectors and new players alike! You’ll get all of the following with the Epic Collection:

  • Reign of Fire Booster Packs
  • Reign of Fire Playmat and Deckbox
  • Collectible storage box with class dividers
  • 1 Common Loot card
  • Reign of Fire visual pocket guide
  • 5 random foil Reign of Fire heroes

Pick up a Reign of Fire Epic Collection, and you’ll even get a Common Loot card from the set! The Epic Collections are a great way to get into the game, and offer plenty of great looking gear for your gaming experience!

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