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Overview of Covenants

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This covenant is responsible for the spirit healers and the Valkyr. This covenant is filled with those who in life had a sense of service. Uther the Lightbringer is a famous soul that calls this covenant home.

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Night Fae:

Ardenweald is like a mirror of the Emerald Dream. Where the Emerald dream are Spring and Summer, Ardenweald is Fall and Winter. Those who serve the wilds will end up hear as a place of soothing and rest before they return to once again be of use to the wilds. The Demigod Cenarius is currently one of its residents.

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Even the shadowlands need to be protected from invaders. It is from these ranks that the Lich King called upon for assistance. It is from this realm that the Death Knights get their power. While aligned with undeath and necromancy this doesn’t strictly mean evil. Warlord Draka mother of Thrall ended up here.

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Flawed souls may end up in Revendreth to address and atone the flaws in their souls. Pride or heavy sin is dealt with, in the Venthyr. Those like Kael’Thas Sunstrider may end up here. Once they have atoned it is possible for them to move on to one of the other realms.

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