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by - 10 months ago

StarCraft Remastered was the topic of choice.

Hosts iNcontrol and Artosis are joined by guests Day [9] and Grant Davies.


First up they talk about the match up between Last and Rein. They also talked about how unusual the 4th map choice “sparkle” Was it is a unbalanced map that terran just can’t win. An unusual strategy was being tested out and due to the unforgiving nature of the game this strategy was quickly countered and ending up in a loss.


They talk about how amazing it was to watch profession players using the maps they helped work on. The second ksl league has broadened and stabilized the game. Leading to profession StarCraft being played year round.


They talk about the development Flash used to take on the Zerg rush. He went from losing almost every match to a nearly 100% win rate. They acknowledge all the hard work that had to go on behind the scenes to make it work.


StarCraft remastered has a more forgiving nature. The durability is different then the players are use to from Brood Wars.


StarCraft has moved closer to being in the same viewership as standard sports. Now people are watching to watch, most are no longer playing the game themselves.


StarCraft Remastered is about relearning. They are updating graphics but there aren’t adding new balance patches. The new metas are about overcoming old metas, not reacting to patches.


20 year old code has it own issues. Chaos studios and Mike Morheim worked on it originally. They work with the code, they don’t alter the play code. There is a level of reverence and awe regarding this code. They see themselves as custodians of the code. They want people still playing StarCraft 10 years from now.





Aaron "BLU3" Thomson

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