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New Starcraft 2 Co-op Commander Zeratul, War Chest 4 Announced, BlizzCon 2018

by - 11 months ago

Welcome to the Opening Ceremony coverage of the StarCraft side of BlizzCon 2018. We’re gonna do a recap of what went down and what was included in the press conference so please enjoy!

Upcoming Features

  • New commander: Zeratul
  • New War Chest 4 with new rewards

New Commander: Zeratul

Harness Xel’Naga Technology – As a follower of the xel’naga, Zeratul is able to wield their ancient, powerful technology to make himself and his xel’naga-based army stronger, while also granting his units new, exotic abilities. Always aiming for quality over quantity, he leads his followers—a small group of elite protoss warriors—into battle.

The Xenoarchaeologist – As a Co-op Commander, Zeratul uses his Prophecy Vision to uncover powerful hidden xel’naga artifacts on the map. Each artifact Zeratul uncovers upgrades him in various ways:

  • A choice of three new top bar abilities
  • Upgrades the Legendary Legion top bar ability, allowing Zeratul to call in units from other Protoss factions
  • Upgrades units and structures with new abilities, as well as weapon, armor, and shield upgrades
  • Boost Zeratul’s stats

Choose Your Avatar – After finding all the hidden Xel’naga artifacts, Zeratul is granted the privilege to control one of two Ultimate Xel’Naga Constructs, each embodying one of the pinnacles of Xel’naga ideology: Purity of Form and Purity of Essence.

  • Avatar of Form – The embodiment of psionic potential, this construct overwhelms enemies with vast psionic power and overcharged abilities.
  • Avatar of Essence – The embodiment of evolutionary potential, this construct grants the power to accelerate—or reverse—the evolution of the units around the construct. Nearby friendly units benefit by continuously evolving, getting more powerful over time. Enemy units fare far worse, as the player can transform all enemy units in a large area around the Avatar into a lower evolutionary form, weakening them significantly.

War Chest 4

On top of that, Starcraft has partnered with Twitch to help support War Chest 4! It will integrate directly with Twitch to reward players who watch Starcraft 2 on twitch, earning XP towards unlocking rewards, just as if they were playing the game. Rewards for WC4 are themed after Terran Special Forces, Simulant Zerg and Forged Protoss, including:

  • Player portraits
  • Sprays
  • Emoticons
  • Banners
  • Skins for you buildings (a new feature!)

You can buy the new War Chest for $9.99 USD for each race or $24.99 USD for all the races, with 25% of profits going towards 2019 SC2 esports. It will release on December 18th.

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