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Blizzard Games on Sale at Amazon

by - 1 year ago

Been excited about WoW: Legion coming out in the next year? Do you feel left out at how fun everyone is having with Season 4 in Reaper of Souls? Maybe you just want to get caught up on the story line in StarCraft 2 before Legacy of the Void releases in November?

Well, you’re in luck because Amazon is having a sale of digital games from Blizzard where everything is basically 50% off. Now is the best time to get into Diablo 3, WoW, or StarCraft 2.


And the best thing? You can now actually buy digital Blizzard gift codes now. $19.99 will get you the $20 Battle.net gift card. You can use this to gift to your friends and family if they are wanting to buy some Hearthstone card packs or a Heroes of the Storm hero, skin, or mount. This has been something I have been wanting to see Blizzard offer for a long time now.


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