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BlizzCon Schedule and Map, What is Blizzard Announcing This Year?

by - 6 years ago

The BlizzCon 2014 schedule (most of it) is now out along with the floor map.

At first glance, people who are not fans of eSports might be disappointed while those who are fans are going to be very excited. However, do not let this schedule fool you as there are some obvious gaps that Blizzard is not putting on this schedule and will probably reveal in the opening ceremonies.

If you’re an eSports fan, you’re loving how much work that Blizzard is putting around the StarCraft 2 WCS and the stage area they are using. They are really trying to play catch up to Riot and Valve in terms of throwing an event. I believe you’ll either hear more about the next expansion Legacy of the Void or at the very least how Blizzard is going to want to focus more on the eSports component of the game with their multiplayer panel on Saturday. We also have a StarCraft 2 exhibition Friday night which makes me wonder if we might see some of the new features in action with pro players that evening.

If you’re a Hearthstone fan you have 2 days of tournament play as the best 16 players in the world face off against each other. There’s only a couple scheduled Hearthstone panels though and I believe the Fireside Chat on Friday will be the big reveal of what we can expect in the future of Hearthstone with expansion sets as well as observer mode.

Diablo fans are getting a “What’s Next” panel. This could mean we have the next D3 expansion announced or it could mean we hear at Blizzard’s plans are for more patches within Reaper of Souls.

Heroes of the Storm is getting their exhibition tournament. No details have really been announced about this but with them just now launching observer mode in the client as of yesterday with custom games it seems as though they made their deadlines to allow them to do this at BlizzCon.

However, if you are just a WoW fan… I’m sorry, but your game is getting released just a few days after BlizzCon. You will however get to enjoy the movie panel and I honestly believe Blizzard has something up their sleeves to celebrate 10 years of World of Warcraft at BlizzCon, so you should get your fair share of fun despite what the schedule looks like.

But wait, what is that big gap of no panels on the main stage after the opening ceremony? Well, that my friends will be the BIG panel you won’t want to miss. As I’ve been speculating for some time now, I believe Blizzard plans to announce their new game at BlizzCon this year. We now know it’s not going to be a next gen MMO, I guarantee that space isn’t set aside for an expansion. This could be the game that Game Director Michael Booth is working on (which many are speculating is OverWatch) or it could be something crazy like a Warcraft 4 or possibly something crazier like a WoW 2.0. Whatever gets announced though, I have a feeling that it’s going to be a HUGE announcement this year and not one you will want to miss.

We’ll see you guys there in November!

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