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Westmarch Workshop: Ep. 18 – You Can Never Take Our Seasons!

by - 5 years ago

The Reaper of Souls has descended upon the mortal realm and it is up to you to stop him and his minions. With a new class, new skills, new runes and build changing items where do you start? The Westmarch Workshop is here to help you build the perfect spec. Your hosts, Neinball and Leviathan open up the horadric texts to pull together the right selection of skills and gear to help you fight back the forces of Death and more. Leave the cookie cutters in your stash, every week the Westmarch Workshop will pick a different build to cover from the vast collection of unique builds that exist in addition to the popular builds from within the community. So whether you are looking for maximum efficiency or something unique the Westmarch Workshop will help you craft the perfect build for your playstyle.

Episode 18 – You Can Never Take Our Seasons

If you thought Blizzard was done with Monks, you thought wrong! This week Archon and Neinball look at the newest round of proposed changes coming for Monks and 2 Handers. Our hosts also discuss the psychological reasons behind some of the newest changes to Greater Rifts and Gems. There are also many great feedback questions this week, including some thoughts on charms and long forgotten game mechanics.


Whitney Fairchild

Whitney "Neinball" Fairchild has been involved in the Diablo podcasting community since 2011. He focuses on the analyzing game development and the lore & story of the Diablo franchise.

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