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Social Diversity in Blizzard Games

by - 5 years ago

Hosted by various local Kansas City talent, BlizzPro Weekly covers all of the news from the week of Blizzard Entertainment news in a quick 15 minute format.  Please be aware, the show does use expletives so viewer discretion is advised.

Episode 42: Social Diversity in Blizzard Games

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JR Cook

JR has been writing for fan sites since 2000 and has been doing Blizzard Exclusive fansites since 2003. He helped co-found BlizzPro in 2013. You can hear JR every week talk about Hearthstone on the Well Met Podcast published on iTunes.

One response to “Social Diversity in Blizzard Games”

  1. Zachery Lorentz says:

    Blizzard portrays women in a sexualized light? Have they seen the male characters? More to the point, have they seen a male orc/tauren? They are literally mountains of muscle. Nothing any man could realistically attain.

    Also the comment about “It’s male ignorance of diversity” is especially insulting to the majority of your base. Just because we don’t care that we have equal proportions of whatever subgroup of people you want to talk about does not equate to “Male ignorance of diversity.”

    Additionally, your commentary on the #NotAllMen is terrible. “It’s weak, it does nothing to advance the conversation.” So how would you go about having men, as a class, start apologizing for the crimes of other men? Born with a penis? Fantastic we have another oppressor!

    Why is the focus ALWAYS on men’s violence against women? The United Nations even focuses only on Violence against women. Violence towards men is the butt of endless jokes. Not to mention women’s violence against men is treated as a joke or just not that important.

    More to the point, why is GTA misogynistic? GTA is supposed to be a dark parody of western human society. Ever notice how most all of the men are total bastards and criminals? Ever notice how the male characters you play as commit acts of mass-murder constantly?

    The #YesAllWomen group has been quick to point out, and rightfully so I might add, that men, as a group, are entitled to nothing from women, as a group. Fantastic, now I will tell them and you the same thing. Women, as a group, are entitled to NOTHING from men, as a group. Not entitled to sex, protection, provisioning, not anything.

    And oh my god you actually pushed rape culture. I am literally speechless. You actually believe that rape is condoned and normalized by our culture. That if I were to grab a random woman off of Main Street that I could rape her in front of everyone and they would just go about their business and either ignore me or cheer me on. Rape culture is an insane myth pushed by feminist zealots in their quest to end rape. They never will with their tactics. Want to know why? Because their tactics erode due process rights, demonize 50% of the population, and claim that one of the worst crimes an individual can commit is “normalized.”

    Take colleges for instance. Since the Dear Collegaue Letter of 2011 the burden of proof in sexual misconduct and rape cases was dropped to a “preponderance of the evidence ” standard. Meaning that colleges only have to be slightly more sure a crime occured that not to convict. Notice how I said colleges, and not police. The guilt or innocence of the accused is not determined by police or a judge or even a jury. It is determined by a panel of untrained and unqualified university faculty and STUDENTS. The accused has NO right to legal counsel, no right to cross-examine their accuser, no right to even SEE their accuser. And even if the police investigation finds them not gulity the college is to still conduct their pseudo-investigation with their lower levels of proof.

    Want an example of this? Go to http://www.avoiceformalestudents.com and you will find plenty. And you will see, as clear as day, what the erosion of due process can do.