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Guildmaster’s Corner: Stop Worrying About Other Raiders

by - 4 years ago

In all my years of playing multiplayer team related games, there tends to be one common trait among players: The ability to spot other misplays.

A raider looks at the player of the same class and immediately scrutinizes their build, their rotation, and character stats.

A shooter evaluates a teammate’s position, line of fire, and accuracy.

A MOBA competitor examines the items their team has purchased, the skills they’ve put levelling points into, and their in-game contributions.

Would you not agree that we have a tendency to compare ourselves to other players? I often wonder if it’s an insecurity thing.

Oliver Queen, a top level hunter, compares himself to Clint Barton. Both are roughly equally skilled marksmen and players. But put them both in a raid side by side, and Oliver will eventually start looking at Clint’s rotation and DPS. Then he’ll step it up a notch and instead of keep the camera centered on the target, he positions the camera to face Clint. Now Clint’s movement is being watched and noted. One false step and Clint gets reported to the class lead or an officer.

What’s worse is that Oliver is too busy intently trying to catch Clint make an error that he doesn’t see the void zone missile come flying in his direction and dies because he wasn’t paying attention!

You know how you’re on the plane and it’s taxiing to the runway, there’s that one segment during the safety presentation about the face masks that drop above you in the event of loss of cabin pressure? The flight crew will stress to everyone to put the mask over their face first before assisting the child with theirs.

If players looked after their own performances, I guarantee it’ll cut down bickering and in-fighting in guild significantly.

From this GM to raiders everywhere: Worry about your own play first. The raid isn’t your responsibility. Your survival is. It’s up to your officers to keep an eye on other players and make sure they’re doing things correctly not yours. It’s not your job to call someone else out on their piss-poor play or low DPS. You are not the enforcer.

You are a player that was recruited specifically to do two things: Kill bosses and not die.

The latter leads to the former. But you can’t do the former if you happen to fail at the latter.

That being said, it doesn’t mean you should keep things to yourself if you see a mistake being made. Bring it to the attention of your superiors and let them handle it. If your officers are on point, they’ll already have noticed it. It’s a little harder to get a handle on things during a 25 player raid, I’ll grant you that. Your observations will be appreciated and will either bring attention to some aspect of the fight or serve to confirm what your officers already have seen.

Another exception is if what someone else is doing (or not doing) is affecting you personally. It could be a missed assignment or a blown interrupt. Situations like that need to be brought up.

My point is don’t sacrifice your personal play to prove that someone else is worse than you are. Prove that you’re better just by being better.

Sidenote: If anyone wants to do a theoretical fight between the Arrow and Hawkeye and who would win, be my guest. Both of them have arrows that fulfill a variety of functions. My guess is that it would be an even match.

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