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Blizzard Store Re-opens as Blizzard Gear

by - 7 years ago

The Blizzard online store has quietly re-opened, allowing shoppers to get their hands on physical Blizzard products again. Do note, however, that with the in-game store for World of Warcraft, digital products like mounts and pets aren’t accessible from the new Gear store. This is strictly t-shirts, posters, music CDs, sports pennants, plush gryphons… right, there’s actually a lot of stuff there.

Aside from a new layout, and categories for Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm products, the major new thing for the store appears to be the Caverns of Time category, which offers past BlizzCon exclusives for sale. So if you were really bummed to miss out on the MegaBloks Battlecruiser back in 2011, here’s your opportunity.

Another new feature? You can leave reviews for products. I fully expect someone to go crazy reviewing the Kerrigan Funko Pop! figurine.

There do seem to be a few bugs to work out on the site; some categories have got duplicated items, for example. Aside from that, however, everything looks fully functional, so if you find yourself hungry for a new plush or some wall art, now’s not a bad time.

Also, as a PSA: if you haven’t secured your account with an Authenticator yet, here’s your chance to get a physical one from Blizzard. Yeah, there are apps for that on most platforms, but not everyone has  a smartphone or wants to use it for account security. ^_^

Got something you want to pick up on the Blizzard Gear site? Tell us about it in the comments. 


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