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More of the Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed

by - 6 years ago


A tweet from the official World of Warcraft Twitter account has revealed two more names on the roster for the Warcraft movie’s cast: Daniel Wu and Clancy Brown.

Clancy Brown is already known to sci-fi and fantasy fans as the bloodthirsty Kurgan from the first Highlander film, but has also provided his services to the gaming world many times before with a long list of voiceover credits, including Hades from Sony’s God of War III.

Though Daniel Wu may not be an overly familiar name for Western audiences, he is one of the leading actors in the world of Chinese cinema and an award-winning director of films such as The Heavenly Kings.  He has also starred in several English-language films, including 2013’s Europa.

Daniel Wu (left) and Clancy Brown.

Daniel Wu (left) and Clancy Brown.

No information on what roles Wu and Brown have been slated to play has been released to the public as of yet.

Directed by Duncan Jones, production on Warcraft will begin in early 2014, with an anticipated release date of March 11, 2016.

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2 responses to “More of the Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed”

  1. Francisco Portillo says:

    so in blizzard talk the movie will be out around 2020

  2. MisterCrow says:

    This announcement compels me to remember Clancy Brown in one of his greatest roles: the Kurgan from the original 1986 Highlander. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNxzn2HYM0g